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The gold in question was a 17 th century ring, dated back to between and , and it was believed to have once belonged to a courtier of King James II of England before he took the throne. One lucky metal detectorist struck gold while prospecting in Western Australia, chancing across this giant 3lb 1. The unnamed man walked into a shop in Kalgoorlie, Finders Keepers Gold Prospecting, to show them his discovery. The largest gold nugget discovered in California, this famous ounce chunk of gold was found in in the Mojave Desert by prospector Ty Paulsen, using his trusty metal detector. The reward was split between Darke, Lewis and the landowner Chris Green. The greatest lost treasure in US history and the incredible story behind it.

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Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. I have been dating howls from various Microsoft tech support guys to making a USB drive you read. For some reason they think that they each know the only way to properly make a windows 10 USB Each time they did it, they download went all night and 8 hours later.

This year’s gathering featured live music, gourmet bites and libations, a silent auction and more. All proceeds went toward Dress for Success.

Car boot sales are booming but as the season is drawing to its close are there still hidden treasures to be found? The golden rule has to be to keep an open mind and try to focus on only inherently interesting things. The less obvious and more mundane these appear to the seller as well as to the casual observer the greater your bargain will be.

Here are a handful of examples of items that just might slip through, unnoticed by all by you! Having bagged your bargain take a few precautions. Keep a receipt book and get the seller to sign it, especially if you think you have got something that is very valuable. At the Saturday valuation mornings at The Auction House people arrive with car boots full of china, glass, jewellery, silver, in fact everything from gramophones to their grandma I jest that they want rid of.

You will be very unlikely to pick up a Ming vase or a Stradivarius violin at a car boot sale in but you know what statisticians say about the odds of tossing a coin or rolling a dice… Therein lies the secret that the keeps people returning, like all treasure hunters. But do remember that if an item seems too good to be true then it will be, especially if for example it is a Rolex watch from a dodgy trader at a car boot sale. The British have taken car boot sales if not their hearts, then to their wallets.

It is the 21 st century version of the traditional English fair or market. Sunday was then reserved for church or chapel attendance but the car boot phenomenon now draws a vastly higher percentage of the population week after week. Boba Fett Star Wars figure.

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Time is running out. Fri, Apr 9, PM. Tue, Sep 15, PM. Fundraising Luncheon Gala. Share RecoveryWerks! Fundraising Luncheon Gala with your friends.

See prices and auction results for Antique Diving Helmet This unique auction features only authentic antique diving helmets and related equipment dating from the Deep Sea Divers Boots – Light Weight Mark V Style.

Your destination for insight into the world of event fundraising and charity auctions. If you’ve ever been involved with a charity silent auction, you know gift baskets are a given. Last year we curated a list of sure to make a splash with donors. The post generated a huge response from our readers – so much so, we went back to the drawing board for even more ideas! Without further ado, here are 31 brand new ideas for unique, buzzworthy silent auction baskets , plus free resources and downloads to assist with the procurement process.

That’s it! We hope this list gave you ideas and, above all, encouraged you to think outside the box to surprise and delight your supporters. For even more ideas, check out our last post:. Silent auctions, while straightforward, require plenty of time and expertise to put together successfully. These FREE pocket-sized guides are chock full of tips to maximize every facet of your silent auction: procurement, set-up, displays and more plus bonus guides on sponsorship and live auctions!

Your turn – What baskets have you tried that almost always generate plenty of interest, and which ones haven’t worked out? Help out thousands of readers each month with a comment below!

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Keith Urban , Brad Paisley , Vince Gill and many other Nashville-based musicians have donated damaged instruments to be auctioned off online for flood-relief efforts. Those guitars were victims of the May flood in Music City, as they were stored in a downtown facility along with many other musical instruments, stage gear and memorabilia — all drowned by the devastating storms.

For many musicians, the bond they have with their specific instruments is indescribable. So for many of them to be damaged beyond repair in the devastating floods was pretty overwhelming, especially for someone like Keith Urban, whose guitars are nearly an extension of himself. We’re meant to take care of them.

Bargain hunters buy Royal Doulton figurine at a car boot sale for £2 and sell it The base reveals the Royal Doulton stamp with the date

Vintage Fryes were made of entirely US-obtained materials, including the leather. They were mostly machine-produced, but the process at their facility in Marlborough, Massachusetts, required a lot of hand-labor throughout the bootmaking process where skilled workers demonstrated pride in their craft. The John A. Frye Company continued to make quality handcrafted boots in its facility in Massachusetts until the company was bought out in by Reebok which drastically changed the quality of the boots being made under the Frye name.

The company was sold to a series of holding companies through the late s to The plant in Massachusetts was closed in Today, Frye boots are made under license by its holding company. When you buy boots with the Frye label on them, you are buying a license but not a quality product. The boots are all machine-made and assembled with little hand-labor involved.

The quality of the materials from which the boots are made are of lesser standard. Frye boots available today in styles other than the campus boot are likely made in China. There are three major things to look for:. Pictured here is a heel from a Frye boot made in the early s. The difference is noticeable in pictures on eBay listings, for example, but if the listing doesn’t say the actual heel height, you should send the seller a question to ask.

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And we’d buy her outfit in a New York minute! Dressed to kill, the daughter of Prince Andrew wowed in a teddy bear-style coat grey coat, which she teamed with a patterned skater dress. We noticed that Beatrice had on her favourite pair of black flat knee-high boots from Stuart Weitzman.

A ring that was originally purchased in the s from a car boot sale for £10 at Sotheby’s Fine Jewels auction in London for $ (£), of I and impressive clarity grade of VVS2, dating from the 19th Century.

Gordon Matta-Clark was an American artist best known for his site-specific artworks he made in the s. He was the godson of Marcel Duchamp’s wife, Teeny. His twin brother Sebastian, also an artist, committed suicide in He did not practice as a conventional architect; he worked on what he referred to as “Anarchitecture”. At the time of Matta-Clark’s tenure at Cornell, the architecture program was guided in part by Colin Rowe, a preeminent architectural theorist of modernism.

The restaurant turned dining into an event with an open kitchen and exotic ingredients that celebrated cooking. The first of its kind in SoHo, Food became well known among artists and was a central meeting-place for groups such as the Philip Glass Ensemble, Mabou Mines, and the dancers of Grand Union. He ran FOOD until In the early s and in the context of his artistic community surrounding FOOD, Matta-Clark developed the idea of “anarchitecture” – a conflation of the words anarchy and architecture – to suggest an interest in voids, gaps, and leftover spaces.

He documented them through photographs, maps, bureaucratic records and deeds, and spoke and wrote about them – but was not able to occupy these residual elements of zoning irregularities in any other way. When Jeffrey Lew, a friend of Matta-Clark, opened up Greene Street in October , it immediately became what would now be called an alternative artist-run exhibition space. Before that Greene Street was simply a place where artists could display their works for an audience of friends, and it was in this crumbling space that Matta-Clark installed his work Walls Paper in

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By Heather Gilmore. Kim, who had a modest upbringing in South Korea, where her family still lives, would not say exactly when she arrived in New York — about 15 years ago. Friends did not know where Kim was born, her education or even her citizenship. She is, however, well loved by the paparazzi at fund-raisers and gallery openings — her tailored designer clothes stand out from the garish silks and satins of the uptown social set. They settled out of court.

Proceeds from the auction will benefit the MusiCares Nashville Flood Relief Fund and “It was like I didn’t want to start dating immediately.

News-Makers, Worldwide – Record setters, items making a buzz, and treasures found. Some old-news, however, we’re in the process of a re-boot, so we’ve bumped-it to the top. Learn More. Learn More Video. The blue and white vase with the mark of Qianlong which stands approximately 26 inches tall, will be sold on June 30, Auction Link. After a department head mentioned to an expert, by chance; “I’ve got some dusty old pots cluttering up my corridor, would you like to have a look? The collection will be sold by Sotheby’s on April The flask will be sold by Sotheby’s on April 6,

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William Austin Burt patented the U. We’re soaking up the story behind this LeslieKeno appraisal! Louis, Hour 3 St. Louis, Hour 2 St. Paul, Hour 3 St.

The Warner Dailey Collection of Militaria (Part One) Auction from Greenslade An Ayda Katti sword from Coorg, dating: 18th Century: Lot Blacksmithing.

Weekly Auctions of Exceptional Items. Log In Join. Find Auctions. Asian Antiques. Popular Searches. Browse By Origin. Browse By Style. Featured Designers. Nation’s Attic Inc. This unique auction features only authentic antique diving helmets and related equipment dating from the 19th and 20th Centuries. The diving helmets consist of rarities made by A. The famed US Navy Mark V helmet will be well represented as well as a rare mixed gas or helium example. Related diving equipment such as knives, helmet parts, fittings, suits, boots, hose, telephones, memorabilia, air pumps, pump parts and all kinds of underwater tools.

All helmets will be accompanied by a rd certificate of authenticity as well as a matching serial holographic decal on the inside of the helmet.

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